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We believe in telling stories that matter. GoldenStott is a production company that was formed as a vehicle to create content in a way that people can connect to. 

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Shane Stott

Shane Stott is CEO of Walker Tape Co, and the co founder of Zen Float Co.

Shane is also a Best -Selling Author and is currently at work on a new book based on Marcus Aurelius's Meditations book called Meditations Made Simple.

He's an inventor at heart and has revolutionized both of his industries.

Shane has been featured on ABC, MSN, E-Channel, The New York Times and Yahoo.

Bridger Dopp

Bridger is a filmmaker and adventurer with a passion for the outdoors. He has worked on several feature films as well as numerous tv shows and other creative projects for national brands and products.

His work has been featured on Discovery Channel, Vevo, Kickstarter and various film festivals around the country.

Bridger also the founder of Wildkai and FutureMachine Media.



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